Birdie for Business

Manage your team's trips on a single platform.

Your reliable business travel partner

Why choose Birdie for your company?

  • Predictable travel expenses

    Unexpected surprises? Not with Birdie! Calculate your team's travel expenses swiftly with our app.

  • Traceable trip

    If someone's late for the meeting again... You certainly won't panic. Instead, you check the location of your team in the app and prepare to handle the situation with ease.

  • Secure payment

    You'll receive your team's travel expenses on a single invoice at the end of the month which you can include in your work-related expenses.

  • Simple use

    Manage your team's trips quickly and easily on a single platform!

  • Worthy reward

    The age of boring, useless benefits is over... Surprise your team with Birdie trips – set a limit and gift joy!

  • Birdie for Business