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Quick, safe, convenient, transparent, and green - wherever you go, your trip is always a joy with Birdie! As a Hungarian startup, we're committed to innovating urban mobility and taking taxi rides to a whole new level. Whether you're with us as a passenger or as a driver, our mission is to make your day simpler and more beautiful. Joy in your pockets, seat belts fastened - shall we go?

  • Our mission Relying on our professional expertise and exploiting international opportunities, our mission is to innovate urban mobility to make people's everyday lives simpler and thus, more beautiful.
  • Our philosophy Besides creating a safe and unified travel experience worldwide, our goal is to keep sustainability, user needs as well as our employees central and valuable elements of our operations and strategy at all times.
  • Sustainability We believe that business success lies in our commitment to the environment rather than in achieving instantaneous profits. That's why we're committed to supporting electric and hybrid cars in our fleet, while we continuously work on promoting safer and more sustainable urban mobility for the future.
  • Spread the joy! "Our strategy is simple: we're happy only if you're happy. That's why we work tirelessly to bring some pockets of joy to your everyday life by inviting you to the refreshingly simple world of Birdie – so that you can continue spreading the joy yourself!"

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